Travel Tournaments

CT Premier Water Polo plays in various tournaments around the country throughout the year. We are excited to give our teams the opportunity to compete at a Regional and National level including Junior Olympics, the largest age group tournament in the world. Participation in travel tournaments is by invitation.

If you are interested in playing with us at a travel tournament please let your coach know and email us at


Each tournament has its own age group and birthday cutoffs. The majority of tournaments run on 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U age groups.

Most tournaments use a player's age on August 1 to determine which age group they are eligible to play in (i.e. if a player turns 15 on August 1, they will play in the 16U age group).


Tournaments run throughout the year. See specific upcoming tournaments on the right.

Extra Costs

The participant fee covers shared tournament entry fee, shared coach costs (incl. airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, coach pay and meals).

Parents are responsible for their player's flights, accommodation, ground transportation and meals while at the tournament.


To help make sure the teams are as prepared as possible, players are expected to attend the practices and local games they are committed to based on the season they are signed up for.

Player and Parent Responsibilities

Coaches are responsible for players at the pool, parents are responsible for their players at all other times while at a travel tournament.

While at a tournament, parents will let the coaches focus on the team and players as they get ready for competition. If, during a tournament, a player would like to discuss their performance or playtime, the player should speak to the coach directly.

If a parent would like to discuss a player's performance or playtime during a tournament, the parent should contact Scott Schulte directly, not email or discuss this with the coach while at the tournament.

Team Uniform

Players are required to wear the following at all games and tournaments while representing CT Premier Water Polo:

  • team suit
  • team shirt (logo or team tournament shirt)
  • team shorts

Additional gear is available on our website for players and our fans. It is great to see the support of family and friends in the stands wearing CT Premier gear!

Frequently Asked Questions

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